The Call Out Final Event!

The All Out - Call Out Final event will be held at South Carolina Motorplex on October 17th - 20th 2019. Either a 16-32 car field with a Big Tire, Small Tire and Street Car class. To qualify you must attend an ALL OUT Live, Call Out or approved partnered event series. Big & Small Tire 32 qualified field - $10k cash or 16 qualified class $5k cash. Plus Prizes and “Bounty Bonus” worth another $5,750 payout per class (See below for bounty details) 16 car qualified Street class $100 buy in and 2k payout plus prizes. As more sponsors jump on board the winnings will increase.

Race Details

Match-ups for Small & Big Tire classes are determined by racers points ranking coming into the final event. The top points leaders always get the first Call Out’s choice every round. Example; the top 16 points racers in the first round get to Call Out any of the bottom 16 ranked racers. The last racer standing is crowned “2019 Call Out Champion” in their class.


The Top 16 racers have a Bonus “Bounty Value” derived from qualifying Call Out events. The higher the Ranking/Points the more Bounty money they are worth in the final race championship. Individual racers sponsors can add to their Bounty values as well. Knock off any points leader during the competition and you win their “Bounty”. If a racer with a bounty wins the championship, they keep the “Bounty Bonus” as part of their winnings. (See CA Points page for details)

  • Points/Ranking Leader $1,000 “Bounty Bonus”

  • 2 - 8 Points/Ranking Leader $500 “Bounty Bonus”

  • 9 - 16 Points/Ranking Leader $250 “Bounty Bonus”