Not Pinks All Out® or Pass Time® of the past. Something much Bigger & Better! ALL OUT Live®. Two TV shows....One Live Event, everyone in attendance gets a chance to win Big Cash & Prizes!

Show 1- ALL OUT Racing: With three heads up ALL OUT style ET race classes (Street, Muscle & Extreme) there's more chances for racers to compete and Win Big Cash & Prizes. While the racers battle it out, fans from the stands play along with Instant Green® host "Gavin Jerome". Choose Left or Right Lane, it’s that easy. Choose the correct lane and you can win Cold Hard Cash!

Show 2- The CALL OUT® From Keyboard to Concrete, Top Outlaw Grudge racers from all over the country take on local area racers who think they can beat them.. It's a CALL OUT!  Got a beef with another racer or shop? Settle it on our show, check out the CALL OUT section of this site for details!

 Multiple Live Events are scheduled for 2019. Check out our event schedule page for locations and dates.


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New episodes air May 1st 2019

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